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About Us

TeamYou are invited to "Take a Dip on the Sweet Side" as Sweet Bubble, a European themed bakery of Soap Confections serves up effervescent bath goodies with a fun, imaginative twist that enchant the senses!

Delightful and charming, the edible-like designs and artisan soap slabs and slices are developed, created and handmade by the owners locally, merging ancient and modern techniques with the finest ingredients and pure fragrance and natural essential oils.

Visitors to both our retail stores and soap bakery in fabulous Las Vegas and our online store are encouraged to "Feel The Magic" as they stroll through a dazzling jackpot of brightly decorated cupcakes, sprinkled doughnuts, yummy looking cakes, pies, tarts and cookies. In addition to the whimsical collection of "fresh-baked" goodies is a luscious collection of slushes, buttercreams, whips and frostings.

Packaged creatively and presented visually, Sweet Bubble creates a memorable and unique bathing experience.

Susan, Debbie and Mary
Sweet Bubble Bath Confections